Join the ALA – Mentee Information

All member breeders are required to adhere to the The Australian Labradoodle Association’s Code of Ethics and Rules and Regulations. Please make sure you have read this fully before starting your application.

You have chosen or been assigned a mentor, for more information read our Mentor & Mentee Information page.

Once your application is submitted and verified, it will be submitted to the executive committee for review.

Documents to be submitted:

Please prepare these documents before starting your application. Alternatively you can start your application at any time, then click the “save & continue later” button at the bottom of the form and copy or email the link on the page to save your progress. You will need to upload these PDFs to section 3 of this form “Uploads”.

  1. Certificate from online breeder training tool (Victorian document but required to be completed as part of your application no matter where you live)
  2. Letter of introduction from applicant
  3. Letter of introduction from nominator and mentor
  4. Membership application proposer & seconder signatures PDF signed
  5.  Membership renewal form R&R ??

All documents are to be in PDF format and have the breeder name and document title in the filename. For example “Bellissimo Online Breeder Training” or “Bellissimo Introduction letter mentor”.

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