The ALA welcomes new breeders of the Australian Labradoodle; both those who are new to this wonderful breed and those who are new to dog breeding. The ALA recognizes the need for mentors and applauds those of our breeders who take time to be mentors for new breeders. For those new breeders that don’t have a mentor, the ALA will be able to assign a mentor to you once membership with the ALA is approved.

The ALA would also like to encourage

New breeders to educate themselves on some of the basics of dog breeding. Areas of interest would most likely include dog breeding, genetics, reproduction, raising puppies, conformation, temperament and training.

The ALA’s accredited breeders

Are a diverse group of people with a common passion for the Australian Labradoodle breed. Our breeders have varying programs including those who are currently only breeding “Early-gens” (Lab x Poodle & Backcrosses), those who only breed “Multi-gens”, and those who have combinations of both types in their breeding programs. Some of our breeders are developing breeding programs that are bringing in new bloodlines into the current multi-gen lines for genetic diversity.

The Australian Labradoodle is a developing breed

Genetic health and diversity of lines for the Australian Labradoodle is essential and the ALA would like to encourage breeders in their endeavours to develop new lines from our three endorsed parent breeds: Labrador, Poodle and Cocker Spaniel (English and American).

Our goal as the Australian Labradoodle Association

Is to protect and promote the Australian Labradoodle for future generations to enjoy. We feel very strongly about what is required of our breeders as described in the ALA Breeder’s Code of Ethics.

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