Join The ALA

If you are interested in joining the ALA we advise you seek out an established breeder member to assist you. If you have already looked at purchasing a breeding dog from an ALA member this breeder would typically facilitate your pathway to joining. If you already have a program in place again a breeder member can mentor and help you to join or our New Breeder Coordinator is also available to answer any questions you and your mentor may have.

Once you have your dog/s or at least have them in the planning this is when you would apply to the ALA for membership and your mentor would propose you. Part of your application would incorporate proof of local and state licensing to operate a dog breeding business and that you are registered by the relevant bodies.

Understanding the ALA Code of Ethics and Rules and Regulations is also part of your obligation in seeking membership.

Please contact our New Breeder Coordinator for further information at [email protected].