Mentor & Mentee Information

The Australian Labradoodle Association (ALA) Mentoring Program (the program) aims to assist new Australian Labradoodle breeders to develop their breeding program in a manner that is consistent with the aims of the ALA.

The Mentor program provides an opportunity for new ALA member breeders to be supported by our Association as they establish their breeding program. It is designed as a helpful tool for the new breeder, and each program is tailored to the individual.

The ALA requires both, new members who are experienced dog breeders or new to both the ALA and Australian Labradoodle breeding, to have a mentor during their provisional membership.

A new breeder wishing to join the ALA will either nominate or be assigned a mentor by the New Breeder Co-ordinator while commencing their application process to join the association.  The mentor needs to be a fully accredited breeder with the ALA (provisional ALA breeders are not permitted to become mentors).

The program formally commences upon acceptance (by a vote of current financial members) of an applicant to become a Provisional Breeder of the ALA. The applicant will have identified/nominated an Accredited Breeder to become their Mentor in the application process with the Mentor’s agreement.

The Mentor will work with the Provisional Breeder (hereafter referred to as the Mentee) until they have successfully met the necessary criteria set by the ALA to be eligible for progression to full Breeder Membership with the ALA.

The program is not meant to be an exclusive source of information and advice. The Mentee is encouraged to seek a wide range of opinions and professional advice from (but not limited to) qualified veterinarians, other professionals, and peer-reviewed literature, to ensure informed decision-making regarding management of their dogs and breeding program.

The program is in place for a minimum of 18 months and until three litters have been whelped and the puppies have attained the age of 12 weeks. The aim is to give the Mentee the opportunity to:

  • to give a better understanding and appreciation for the goals and aspirations of the ALA, especially with regard to the ALA Statement of Purpose;
  • complete multiple cycles of breeding to develop skills in husbandry such as management of breeding dogs, heath testing, whelping, raising litters.  and submission of documents, registration of dogs and litters via the ALA breeder portal and using the ALA pedigree data base Zoo Easy.
  • attend General meetings, education sessions and an Annual General Meeting.

At the conclusion of the program, the Mentee’s competency is assessed. The Mentor and Mentee both contribute to the assessment. The Mentor contacts the NBC with a recommendation to either:

  • propose the Mentee to be upgraded to full accreditation status OR
  • to continue the program for a further period as negotiated by the Mentor and Mentee.

The New Breeder Co-ordinator takes this recommendation to the Executive for discussion. Endorsement as a fully accredited breeder is made by the ALA membership through the standard ALA voting process.

The Breeder Mentoring Program is possible because of the time that ALA Accredited Breeders are prepared to volunteer, as they share their knowledge and experience to support Provisional Breeders who are establishing their own Australian Labradoodle breeding program.

The mentoring program focuses on three areas:

  1. Breeding dogs
  • Selection of breeding stock both in puppies and adults.
  • Selection of appropriate studs/bitches as breeding pairs.
  • Health and dietary preparation for breeding.
  • Mating and whelping advice.
  • Requirements for health testing of potential breeding stock, including understanding different hip and elbow testing options.
  1. General Australian Labradoodle Information
  • Understanding the breed standard.
  • Understanding health, temperament, and behaviour management.
  • Understanding of breed history.
  • Maintaining awareness of possible health issues e.g., ears, hips, eyes.
  • Grooming.
  1. ALA Procedures and Regulations
  • Understanding of and compliance with ALA Code of Ethics, ALA Rules and Regulations, ALA Documentation requirements, and Federal and State dog breeding legislation.
  • Voting procedures and responsibilities of an ALA Member.
  • Registrations of dogs and litters via ALA Registrar.
  • ALA Webpage and Facebook Announcement of litters.
  • Puppy Care Notes and Health Guarantee.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Accredited Breeder – Mentor

Through an ongoing professional and confidential relationship with the Mentee, the Mentor will:

  • Identify and offer assistance in areas where development of knowledge and skills will better equip the Mentee to competently manage their Australian Labradoodle breeding program, in line with ALA policies and governance procedures.
  • Conduct the final assessment of competence at the program’s conclusion, and make a recommendation to the ALA Executive and current financial members for progression of Mentee to full membership of the ALA.

Provisional Breeder – Mentee

Through an ongoing professional and confidential relationship with the Mentor, the Mentee will:

  • Take initiative for their own learning and competency development over the length of the program, to ensure appropriate knowledge and skill development that enables a suitable level of competence at the conclusion of the program.
  • Be fully accountable for their own Australian Labradoodle breeding program and decisions regardless of the input of the Mentor.

Australian Labradoodle Association Protecting and promoting the Australian Labradoodle throughout Australia and Internationally for future generations to enjoy.

Useful Reference Documents:


Neither the ALA, nor the Mentor is liable for any loss or damage sustained by the Mentee, their dogs and/or breeding program.

It is expected that learning will continue well beyond the conclusion of the program. Competency assessment is a judgment made at a given point in time and makes no claims as to the Mentee’s ongoing decisions or respective breeding program management.

The ALA will continue to monitor some breeder practices through management of registrations, and compliance with ALA policies and governance procedures.


Australian Labradoodle Association Protecting and promoting the Australian Labradoodle throughout Australia and Internationally for future generations to enjoy.

For further details please contact the ALA New Breeder Coordinator via Email at [email protected]

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