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Why Purchase A Puppy From A Registered Australian Labradoodle Association Breeder?

08 May 2024

There is growing knowledge of the value of buying from a breeder who follows a responsible and ethical breeding approach, like Australian Labradoodle Association accredited and provisional breeders.

One of many factors is in ensuring responsible breeding is that all Australian Labradoodle Association breeders hold an Australian Business Number (ABN). In this blog, we will explore why it is preferable to purchase a puppy from a breeder with an ABN, highlighting the benefits for both the buyer and animal welfare.

One of the main upsides of buying a puppy from a breeder with an ABN is the transparency and accountability it provides. An ABN indicates that the breeder is operating as a legitimate business, subject to certain rules and standards. This includes keeping comprehensive records, adhering to tax obligations, and potentially being registered with relevant bodies.

Breeding without an ABN often raises concerns about whether the breeder is following regulations and standards. In contrast, breeders with an ABN are more likely to adhere to legal necessities and industry standards for animal welfare. They may be subject to inspections and audits to guarantee their breeding practices meet established guidelines.

All Australian Labradoodle Association breeders must have an ABN. This requirement further stresses these breeders’ dedication to responsible practices, as they work within the framework of ethical breeding standards.

By purchasing from an Australian Labradoodle Association breeder with an ABN, buyers are offered more consumer protection giving more confidence when looking for the right breeder.

Opting to buy from an Australian Labradoodle Association breeder is not just about getting a pet – it’s also a vote for responsible breeding practices. Responsible breeders invest time, money, and expertise to produce healthy, well-adjusted puppies with desirable attributes and are committed to breeding for the betterment of the breed.

By supporting Australian Labradoodle Association breeders, buyers help sustain responsible breeding efforts. In turn, this helps maintain breed standards, promote genetic diversity, and reduce health issues often linked to irresponsible breeding.

While there are various ways to acquire a new pet, choosing a puppy from an Australian Labradoodle Association breeder is a thoughtful decision that focuses on transparency, accountability, comprehensive genetic and health testing ethical and responsible breeding. Doing so gives buyers confidence they are getting a puppy from a reputable source, while also backing efforts to uphold animal welfare and further the breed’s health and vitality.

When looking for the perfect furry friend, let’s remember the importance of making informed choices that benefit both us and the animals involved. Opting for an Australian Labradoodle Association breeder is a step toward responsible pet ownership and a brighter future for our beloved Labradoodle companions.