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Spay Secure

12 July 2023

The Australian Labradoodle Association has always been very committed to protecting the Australian Labradoodle from poor breeding practices and ensuring the continued quality and health of the Australian Labradoodle. The Australian Labradoodle Association is excited to announce our partnership with the company SpaySecure. This partnership will allow families who want to buy a high-quality Australian Labradoodle pup from an ALA Registered breeder, but prefer to delay desexing, to do so.
‘SpaySecure‚Äôs mission is to make it both affordable and easy for breeders to use sterilization contracts, minimizing unplanned and unauthorised breeding. This will protect the Australian Labradoodle breed as we know it, with an intuitive, sociable, trainable and sound temperament with robust health and form.
SpaySecure was launched in the USA in 2019 and more recently in Canada and now is offering their services in Australia. SpaySecure will officially launch in Australia on Tuesday 11th of July. The Australian Labradoodle Association are proud to have been instrumental in reaching out to, and consulting with SpaySecure over several months, which has led to them offering their services to all Australian Breeders.
For more information on SpaySecure and the services they offer to breeders and to puppy buyers, please visit their website,