[caption id="attachment_3024" align="alignnone" width="222"] Raresilver Founding Girl
Miss Silvie[/caption]

Raresilver Labradoodles

Location:Taggerty, Victoria
SIRE:Rocky Creek Heart Throb (Lenny)
DAM:Raresilver Centaurie (Taurie)
Coat Colour:Black Spiral Fleece
Coat Types:Fleece
ALA Registration:00-69
Breeder ID Number:MB104405
Email: [email protected]

Miss Yellow is a very intelligent & inquisitive young lady. Over the last few weeks, it’s become evident to us she is the big thinker of the litter. When you watch her you can almost see the cogs turning as she works things out. Fun, playful & a complete water baby, she has learnt from the big dogs (who dip their toes in) that the best place on a hot day is to sit in the water bowl.

Miss Yellow was chosen as our pick of the litter, based on her beautiful form, structure, temperament & her stunning coat. We are expecting her to mature as a 25kg black velvet standard. A true mirror of our amazing foundation girl Tegan Park Rare Silver – Miss Silvie, her 5 times Great Grand Mother!

She will be joining our Guardian Program as RS Silver Threads Heritage. We are looking for the perfect home to raise her in a stimulating & loving environment and to work with us & to be her forever family.

We would prefer her to be based in the North Eastern suburbs of Melbourne or closer to our home base in Taggerty Victoria. Please contact us for more information on our Guardian Program or this beautiful girl.