Gucci's pups just chilling

Gucci’s pups just chilling

The gorgeous Rusty’s Gucci Bamboo (Mum)


Handsome Nicnak Nui (Dad)

Handsome Nicnak Nui (Dad)

Amity Labradoodles Pty Ltd

DOB: 02/02/2023
SIRE: Nicnak Nui
DAM: Rustys Gucci Bamboo
Generation: ALF3
Size: Medium
Sex: 6 Males and 3 Females
Coat Colour: Black and white Parti
Coat Types: Fleece
ALA Registration:0174-028
Breeder ID Number:0006159592588 (QLD)
Email: [email protected]

Rusty’s Gucci Bamboo and Nicnak Nui have produced some beautiful black and white parti puppies. They are medium-sized with fleece coats, multigenerational Australian Labradoodles. These gorgeous fur babies will be going home on the 30th of March. For more information please g to and complete the contact form. We will be happy to call you and chat all things puppy.