Jajaca Australian Labradoodles

DOB: 04/08/2022
SIRE: Jajaca TicTac
DAM: Jajaca Pixie
Generation: ALF4
Size: Standard
Sex: 5 female 4 male
Coat Colour: Black, Gold
Coat Types: Fleece
ALA Registration:0115-07
Breeder ID Number:0000619523185 (QLD)
Email: [email protected]

That’s one happy mama! Pixie and TicTac have welcomed 9 beautiful babies on August 4. All drssed in black and gold fleece coats, we expect these guys to mature to large medkum/standard in size, are ALF 4 generation and they will be ready for their forever fmailies on September 29th. Pixie has been an excellent mum here at Jajaca and this will be her retirement litter. If you would like any information regarding these pupsters, please email [email protected]